How many inches of hair do you trim off? —by Anonymous

Hey! I don’t trim a lot of hair off. Just about 1/8 of an inch as needed, which is typically about every 3 months. 

Inches of hair being trimmed off is quite a lot, especially when looking at a ruler! For example, 3 inches may seem trivial, but you will notice a huge difference in length. That is why it is important to really dust your regularly (not excessively) and not to deprive your hair of trims (which is a lesson I learned that led me to my second big chop). Holding off a trim for too long then results in inches having to be cut off, because split ends travel up the hair shaft and will affect the rest of your healthy length. 

Your hair will tell you a lot. Don’t be afraid of those shears! :-)

Hello! I'm doing 2 strand twist to gain length but I feel the twist aren't tight enough at the roots.(It's kinda puffy )Could that be a problem? —by Anonymous

Hey! Yes, your twists aren’t tight enough because they are twisted at the roots. 

What I like to do is hold both sections tautly at the roots, then smooth the sections down as I twist. This ensures that my two strand twists will be as tight as I need it to be. It works every time! It also keeps your twist from looking fuzzy or unraveling as well. 

If you need a visual, check out my twist out tutorial to get an idea of what I mean :-)

I hope that helps! <3

I oiled my scalp with castor oil mixed with other oils for one month and I didn't see hair growth.... Should I wait a little longer or?? —by Anonymous

Hey! :-) Patience is definitely key in this situation. Hair grows an average of 1/4 to 1/2 an inch each month (which is a factor that is contingent on a number of things—genetics, diet, what you are doing to promote hair growth, etc).

Also, consider the application of the oil(s). Are you just oiling your scalp or are you massaging the oils on your scalp? There is a huge difference. Massaging your scalp promotes blood circulation to it which encourages hair growth if you are consistent with it. 

I would also suggest not focusing so much on gaining length. You will honestly drive yourself mad thinking about it—trust me. Enjoy your journey as you are experimenting and learning what doesn’t work and what works for you! Keep track of your progress as needed, but don’t obsess over it! <3

How do you moisturise your hair with 2 strand twist? —by Anonymous

Hey! I follow a simple moisturising regimen when two strand twisting by spritzing my twists with a mixture of jojoba oil + water. You can read about it here, which also includes the benefits! :-) 

Quick vintage updo

My hair style from last week—takes only five minutes to do and all I used were bobby pins. I filmed a tutorial for it and as soon as I started editing, I realised how blue the lighting was. Lesson learned: don’t try filming on a cloudy/rainy day. Sigh. Will re-film it though.

Also, this has been my go-to low manipulation style these last few weeks when I’m pressed on time or feel like doing something simple :-) 

Lately, I&#8217;ve considered straightening my hair to see the length. It has been almost four years since I&#8217;ve used heat. And I still worry about the possibility of heat damage! I will just enjoy my hair as is :-)

Lately, I’ve considered straightening my hair to see the length. It has been almost four years since I’ve used heat. And I still worry about the possibility of heat damage! I will just enjoy my hair as is :-)

During your hair journey, were you ever disappointed with how your hair texture was? I have 4 c hair that's growing out that I think is beautiful, but I can't shake the disappointment that I don't have looser curls. It's silly, but I keep thinking about how I wish my hair could be different. Did you ever have curl envy, and if so, how did you shake it? —by Anonymous

Hey! Definitely. I will be transparent with you here.

After my second my big chop is when I really discovered the world of YouTube for hair care tips and advice for my new hair journey, as well as the popular hair care site BlackGirlLongHair. However, I realised how envious I was becoming when I’d watch YouTube videos or read articles of women with hair that was completely unlike mine—-more loose, very curly, and quite longer than my hair. 

Yet, I continued this thinking that my hair could magically one day do the things that their hair could do with time. Instead, those sources only discouraged me and made me dislike my tight curls and coils because I solely concentrate on the things that my hair “could not” do. Then one day, I remember being completely frustrated with myself while reading an article of a natural with looser hair, and being reduced to tears. 

And that is when something slapped me across the face. I realised this: Instead of envying women with hair that was unlike mine, why couldn’t I just take steps to love and learn my own head of hair? So that day, I went cold turkey and stopped watching those YouTube videos and reading those articles of women with hair that did not resemble my own. Instead, I focused on learning to love and care for it through trial and error (lots and lots of error indeed). 

And that last statement cannot be stressed enough. You have to learn to love your hair. You were born with it, so why not embrace it? If something is hindering you from doing so, then take steps to fix it! You know your triggers—trust me, you do. And remember that our 4C hair is soooooo versatile, probably one of the most versatile of all hair types if I am being honest.

Just because we do not have looser curls, does not mean that we can’t do anything else with it or that it is less beautiful or desirable.  :-) 

Hey! Iove your blog! It's soo informative. So I've noticed they you have an active lifestyle as well so I wanted to ask how you keep your scalp from getting dry and itchy. I workout about 5-6 times a week and because I've currently got a protective style in I shampoo my hair every two weeks but I go refresh my hair with my peppermint oil water and aloe vera mix after every work out but my scalp still itches like crazy and I don't know what to do.. Do you have any advice on what I should do ?? Xx —by Anonymous

Hey! I am so glad that you find this blog helpful to you :-) *Rolls up sleeves* Okay, brace yourself for this response, lol!

A dry scalp could most likely be causing the itching. This is because there is not enough sebum production to protect it from elements, or to keep it from drying out. Another very common reason is the imbalanced pH. An imbalanced pH means the scalp becomes susceptible to an overgrowth of yeast or any other form of bacteria, which can then cause the drying and itching. Here are a few solutions: 

  1. Using shampoo is very drying to the scalp, especially if it contains sulfates (ex sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate). They also screw with your scalp’s pH levels. This is because sulfates acts as detergents and therefore will strip the scalp of its naturals oils—-thus leading to the dry itchy feeling. If you must use shampoo, use one that is sulfate-free, such as Shea Moisture Moisture Retention Shampoo or Trader Joe’s Tear Tree Tingle Shampoo (only $3-4 at their stores). Both shampoos are mild, but effective natural cleansers which won’t strip the scalp of its natural oil (sebum) and contain soothing oils. 

  2. Apple cider vinegar is a great solution to killing yeast and any other bacteria growing on the scalp. It works as a natural way to clarify the hair and scalp, without giving you a stripping feeling. ACV also restores the scalp’s pH, which will drastically alleviate the dryness and itchiness. Look into using Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and make your own rinse once a month! 1 part ACV to 2-3 parts of warm water. 

  3. Lastly, if your peppermint oil/water/aloe vera mixture is not working for you, then try modifying it. Sometimes, peppermint oil can be irritating for some because of how potent it is! Try adding a few drops of the peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, which is great for overall scalp health, protects it from bacteria, and aids in sebum production to protect it from drying or itching. (Click here to read the benefits of jojoba oil).

I really hope this helps you! <3 



New video! :-)

Finally: How I get fluffy bouncy curls on kinky natural hair. I used 20 gray flexi rods for this tutorial. Hope this helps! <3

This video is everything 😩😍❤️

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it! For anyone wanting to do a fluffy flexi rod set on kinky natural hair, check out my newest video! <3

I'm feel really uncomfortable having to wear my shoulder length 2 strand twist. Is they're anyway for them to grow longer just to my armpits are bra strap length? —by Anonymous

Hey! You don’t have to wear your two strand twists down. There are so many ways to style them if you aren’t comfortable at the length they are in! I, too, don’t like wearing my two strand twists down—just because I prefer doing various styles with them (ex. here, here, here), and since I protective style with twists, I would ideally like to have my ends tucked away. 

There really is no fool-proof way to get your hair to grow longer other than being patient, consistent, and appreciating each stage of your hair growth :-) Whether you know it or not, you incorporating two strand twists helping you and your hair. Hang in there! <3